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Unique and innovative! These shade structures help you keep a healthy control on your tan! When the sun is too harsh for safe sunbathing, just close the canopy and enjoy cool shade!

Retractable Canopies provide flexible shade for your patio, deck, yard, or pool area. Freestanding or mounted to your house wall, canopies can be customized with built-in side curtains on any or all sides, making them a great alternative to awnings when you are looking for privacy, or need more protection from the sun. They feature a host of Fabric choices that match your home decor to create a comfortable outdoor space! The perfect way to shade the lounging area near your pool!

Comfortable Outdoor Living

Ideal to cover verandas, terraces, and roof gardens, retractable canopies can provide shade and the atmosphere you need for outdoor entertaining. Canopies can give you more height than an awning, and you can add side curtains for added sun protection. With our dual cover option, you can have a water-resistant top layer with a beautiful fabric layer underneath. 

  • Choose acrylic awning fabric, waterproof polyester, PVC coated polyester or fiberglass mesh screen

  • Versatile! Mix or match top cover and side curtains

  • Canopy has motorized or manual operation with a wind proof latch

  • Open sides or retractable side curtains with built in side tracks-motorized or manual

  • White or Earthstone frames; custom colors available upon request

  • Single units up to 16’x16’ and can be joined as tandem units for wider applications

  • Residential and commercial applications

Retractable Pergola Canopies

All the features of the Retractable Canopy, with horizontal rafters for a classic pergola look.

The canopy cover slides on a durable trolley system that can be operated manually or motorized. Choose single or double covers, with contrasting fabrics and colors for added protection and decoration.

Precision made by Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company, Aristocrat Canopies feature the latest advancements in technology electronics and engineering, and are proudly made in the USA. Engineered from custom-designed aluminum components, they come in a variety of sizes, configurations, colors, and fabrics to add beauty to your home and provide cool, comfortable shade when and where you need it.

Under Pergola Canopy System

Get more from your existing pergola – with a canopy system that retro-fits to your existing pergola. Adding an under-pergola canopy greatly increases the shade a pergola provides, plus solar shades can be added to give you privacy, block the wind, and prevent the glare of a low sun. The canopy system can be added to new or existing pergolas!

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