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Our lead designer, Daniel Diotte, has built his brand using his signature “nature” look and feel. He is passionate about your investment in the environment, and building a future with furniture and exterior designs that can coexist with a green footprint. By using cedar wood, we are saving the tropical forests.

We began with custom designs for our own outdoor living spaces, and then grew to becoming a patio furniture design company and supplying outdoor furniture for individuals who had the desire to have outdoor furniture that suited their Timber and Log homes. Now, we have expanded to an  international reach. Every piece that we design has a path to nature, and brings the peace of mind to our clients that they are encompassing an organic feel to their outdoor living experience.






Be Inspired and save our tropical forests!


 A crafted experience that connects exterior design with the individuals who seek it. Founded in Southern Ontario, Canada in 2016, our company grew from a desire to bring an earthy and organic feel to the outdoor furniture industry. Now Located in Aiken, SC. The company has expanded into custom fencing and gates, as well as all your back yard needs, including decks, gazebos, cabanas, porticos, and more. Focusing on quality and nature inspired design, we offer sophisticated outdoor home decor to help create your inspired lifestyle. Our furniture has a greener footprint, and our custom cushions use greener outdoor foams. Balanced with nature!

What separates us from others is our sheer devotion to the craft. From the strength of a chair to the largest outdoor sectional, we believe that every product we make should contain impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail. It’s how we make beautiful products for your inspired lifestyle.

We differentiate ourselves by handcrafting the majority of our outdoor furniture in an artisan workshop that we are proud to own and operate. We have direct touch points all the way from raw materials to the final product in your home. This allows us to maintain utmost control and integrity, while offering the highest quality products at prices that will pleasantly surprise you. Our craftsmanship is done with the greatest of care and refinement. Our cedar furniture is light and easy to move.

All our pieces are hand rubbed with special stains. The cedar will naturally become a darker grey over time. Custom colours are available. Our outdoor furniture is handmade using western red cedar wood that can remain outside all year around. Unlike oak and other woods, cedar continues to gain a gentle weathered look throughout the years and does not require any maintenance. Our products will be able to last for over 20 years. All of our substantial furniture can withstand high winds,  sea and ocean-side weather. 

Dan Diotte

Our Lead Designer: Mr. Diotte has spent over 30 years 

designing in the industrial and residential industries. His designs are inspired to bring an eco-friendly 

feel to the Outdoor Furniture Industry

He holds the position of President,

and as Lead Designer .

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Our Team

Our team members are skilled carpenters, designers, draftsmen, CNC workers, and construction workers who take our customers projects seriously. We strive to be reliable and professional craftsmen on every job.

Located in Aiken, SC.

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