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Entrepreneurs: Changing the Way of Choice Towards A Sustainable Future

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Sustainable Choice In Outdoor Furniture

I have always been passionate about our environment. As a designer, I have worked 30 years designing sustainability in all that I create. I am on a mission to create sustainable, greener outdoor furniture by using Cedar wood. I want everyone to become inspired to save our tropical forests through choice.

Outdoor Furniture with a Greener, Sustainable Footprint

Being Inspired By Choice

The way we are inspired to live today has not been a green decision to live in balance with nature.

“People without imagination control our buying choices.”

Decide to Change

The way we are inspired to live today has not been a green decision to live in balance with nature. Our available choices have been driven by economic efficiency, driven solely by profit, and sold to us as the more economic choice without any thought to our future.

Just like the beginning of our mechanized world was started and flourished through individual entrepreneurial spirit, today we find the new era of moving towards a greener balance with nature is emerging with the same spirit.

The fact is the initial building blocks that have been laid down by the entrepreneur normally is sought out by people without imagination in order to control our buying choices, to grow an unsustainable entity for maximum profit.

On the cusp of this new green movement as an entrepreneur having extensive life-learning education from these people without imagination, I am striving to make sure that not only myself, the people that work with me, but also our clients and neighbours around the world, to maintain a lifestyle of sustainable choices.

A Choice

A choice finally made available. A choice that starts with you. A choice that ends with a sustainable future.

It Starts.... with a choice!

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